Cabinetry Refinishing Services

Why Choose Us

  • We can be in and out of your home in 3-5 working days
  • We also offer a full array of colors – you do not have to pick from what we have in stock
  • Your cabinetry is finished with industrial wood coating. This water based lacquer delivers extraordinary depth and vibrancy of color.
  • All products are low/no VOC
  • You do not have to empty your cabinets in most cases
  • You still have full access to your kitchen during the entire process
  • We offer cost saving options to keep the cost manageable
Cabinetry Services
Are you looking at your kitchen and wondering if it can be updated with paint or stain? Like the layout of your kitchen and it is functional but you want a new look? Your cabinets are in good shape but you can’t stand that Orange Oak?

Tupelo Lane Designs is your answer. We can finish your cabinets to a factory finish for 1/4 the price of replacing your cabinetry. Additionally, you will get your same ROI as buying new cabinets.

Rapid Refinishing Services
The Rapid Refinish allows you to save on the cost of refinishing your cabinets and facilitates your cabinets being completed faster. Rapid Refinish clients on average are completed in 3 days-5 days. You will still have unlimited options in colors and finishes. As always you will have full access to your kitchen during the entire process.

Cabinetry Finishes

When it comes to cabinet finishes, we realize the choices can seem endless. Tupelo Lane Designs is here to help. Taking leading influences on color and design, we examine the five major categories of kitchen styles in our world today and determine the cabinet finishes that best complement each style. Using our high performance finishes, we have applied our high-end multi-step wood finishing system to each of the five styles. The finishes selected will continue to gain popularity and the styles will be relevant far into the future.

  • Contemporary
  • Antique
  • Casual
  • Old World

contemporaryContemporary kitchens tend to be described as modern, minimalist and sleek, containing styles from the 1940s to the present. The characteristics include horizontal clean lines, asymmetry and a lack of molding and other ornamentation.

Look for:

  • Gloss/satin painted or stained cabinet finishes
  • Styles from striped veneers to subtly grained woods such as birch, ash or maple
    Stainless steel, concrete and chrome accents
  • From no hardware to simple brushed or polished nickel hardware for a clean, simple, high-end look

antiqueAntique kitchens offer an authentic character, unique dimension and visual interest. The antique style is often achieved through individual pieces, such as islands or cabinetry, designed to look like they’ve been there forever. Expect to see distressing at many levels, from nail holes to face chunking, as the means to achieve the beauty of this aged look.

Look for:

  • Crackle, glazed and distressed cabinet finishes
  • Wormholes, tear outs, rounded corners, dents and scratches
  • Raised or shaker panel cabinet doors
  • Natural materials such as stone floors and mosaic tiles
  • Brick or plaster walls
  • Pewter or copper accents

casualFrom simple white cabinetry and fresh hue colors to natural wood furnishings, the casual style manifests itself in a relaxed, guest-friendly ambiance with mountain charm. Expect to see plank doors or simple doors, often with bead board panels.

Look for:

  • Natural and rough-hewn woods like pine, alder or maple
  • Simply painted or painted, glazed and distressed cabinet finishes
  • Lighter colored stains
  • Decorative shelves and molding
  • Antiques and flea market finds

oldworldOld World kitchens – their large hearths or cooking grottos and distressed unfitted cabinets – trace their look to pre-17th century Europe. The finish is key; stained and painted cabinetry that displays antiquing, distressing, chaining, wormholing and cracking gives an authentic warm-age patina.

Look for:

  • Raised panel cabinetry featuring elements like cracking, bead board, dish and cup racks, valence legs, flushed toes and bun feet
  • Deep, rich colors
  • Stone walls and/or floors
  • Pewter or copper accents
  • Mosaic tiles